Planning for the future makes perfect sense

Talking about your final arrangements isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be hard.

 You could be encouraging a loved one to pre-plan. Or you could want to broach the topic of your own plans with your family. In either case, it’s all about approaching the topic with confidence and care. Don’t be surprised if discussing final wishes brings up strong emotions. Just reinforce that you’re doing this out of love, to make things easier in the future. If you have children, no doubt they may be anxious for reassurance from you that everything has been taken care of. If you are thinking about your parents,   you may be understandably hesitant about approaching them.  If you are single, it is doubly important to make decisions for your final farewell, so that friends and family members do not have to second guess themselves wondering what you would have wanted for yourself.

How to start the conversation

 The best time to talk about your wishes or those of a loved one is well before the time of need. This will give everyone the opportunity to express their wishes and engage in a thoughtful discussion about how a loved one would like to be remembered and how family members and friends would like to honor and remember a loved one.

You can start the conversation almost anywhere: during a meal, at a family gathering, or during a quiet time at home. This may start out like an awkward conversation, however most families find that as the discussion progresses, it becomes more comfortable and natural. At the funeral home, we have the Talk of a Lifetime Start the Conversation Guidelines and Conversation Starters booklets and playing cards that you may find helpful.

    Start the process together.

    Our Pre-Planning Guide is a comprehensive resource for families, and our Pre-Planning form walks you through decision making online.